Your Sanlam Insurance product: Covid-19 infection and Vaccines

At Sanlam we are in the business of paying valid claims. As a Sanlam Individual Life client with a Sanlam risk product, we want you to have peace of mind that you are properly covered.

Against this background, we are taking the global outbreak of the Coronavirus (‘COVID-19’) very seriously and we are prepared for variations of its possible impact.

Sanlam insurance products and vaccines

Sanlam regards Covid-19 vaccines as an effective solution to significantly stop the Covid-19 pandemic. Severe medical events as a result of vaccination are extremely rare. However, if after vaccination you experience a medical event that meets the contractual requirements of your Sanlam contract/product, we will consider the claim. We believe our clients take out insurance exactly for times like these. We have no specific vaccine exclusion and our clients will therefore continue to benefit from the cover they need during these times. There are also no new requirements for claimable events in this regard.

Your Sanlam Insurance product: Covid-19 infection and Vaccines
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