Access low-cost ETFs through Glacier International

The benefits of diversifying offshore across different sectors and geographies are well-known, especially in a country that represents less than 1% of global GDP. Now investors can access global market indices via low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) directly on the Glacier International Platform.

The ETFs complement Glacier International’s existing range of underlying investment options, including share portfolios, funds, model portfolios and structured notes.


Previously, investors could access ETFs via a share portfolio but now the ETFs are loaded directly on the platform, allowing for more cost-effective and efficient access to ETFs as part of their investment portfolio.  

The offering

The offering includes a selection of core ETFs that cover the main markets in the world. These include the MSCI World, MSCI Emerging Markets, S&P 500, Euro Stoxx 50, FTSE 100, Japan, and Developed Markets Property Yield.   

What are ETFs and why should you include them in your portfolio?

ETFs share many similarities with funds. They are both regulated, liquid and transparent. An ETF is listed on an exchange and tracks an index or a basket of assets. ETFs are typically more cost-effective than most actively managed funds.  


ETFs provide clients with the opportunity to gain access to certain markets, risks and specific themes at lower costs. Their inclusion in portfolios allows for the blending of both active and passive managers. Investors should note that because ETFs track an index rather than being actively managed, they will move in line with the market during times of market drawdowns, as there is no active manager to manage the downside. This needs to be taken into consideration when blending ETFs with active managers in the portfolio.


Accessing ETFs directly via the platform, i.e. not going via a stockbroker, reduces the cost, which in turn will have a positive impact on returns over the long term.  

ETFs have many other advantages, including the following:

  • ETFs tend to have lower costs than actively managed funds (although passive funds are also available).    
  • ETFs are regulated, liquid and are easily accessible.
  • Investors gain broad exposure to all the underlying shares in the index via a single investment, without having to research and invest in each single share.
  • ETFs are transparent as investors can readily see the underlying companies that make up the index.  

Glacier Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd and Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd are licensed financial services providers.

Glacier International is a division of Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd.

Access low-cost ETFs through Glacier International
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