Multiply Status match (SPECIAL)

Status match allows new Momentum Multiply members to
have their current Discovery Vitality status matched until the
end of 2021, subject to the following rules:

• The campaign period during which members can join and
have their status matched will be from 1 January 2021 to
30 June 2021.

• Clients must be new Momentum Multiply members and have taken out Multiply Premier membership within the
campaign period.

• Members who have their status matched are excluded
from the other Multiply sales campaigns.

• Where a Multiply family composition is chosen, both main
member and spouse must qualify under the rules stipulated.

How to qualify

• Members must have qualifying products in at least two of
the following “Have cover” categories to comply with
points-earning rules:
• Risk cover
• Car and home cover
• Retirement
• Savings
• Medical
• Wills
• Of the above qualifying products, at least one product must be new and incepted within 30 days of their new

Multiply Premier contract and before the campaign end date 30 June 2021.

Multiply will match a member’s Vitality status as follows:
Vitality status Multiply status
Blue Bronze
Bronze Silver
Silver Gold
Gold Platinum
Diamond Platinum

• Multiply will not match any status to Private Club status.
• A member’s Multiply status will be matched within seven working days from when we receive complete and correct information – this includes proof of their Vitality status.
• A member’s matched Multiply status will apply until 31 December 2021. After this date, their Multiply status will reflect their earned status for 2021.

Members must therefore earn points during the year to keep their status for the following calendar year.
• Members can earn points during 2021 to improve their Multiply status in line with existing Multiply status rules.
• Members will enjoy rewards on their matched Multiply status from the date it is allocated.
• We will not backdate a member’s rewards or product discounts.
• One month after matching a member’s status, and regularly thereafter, we will perform checks to ensure that the criteria for matching status (two Momentum products and Multiply) are being upheld.
• Where the criteria above are not met, a member’s status will automatically be moved to their current earned status and the member notified of such a change.
• To rejoin the campaign, the member will have to reapply.
• To match a member’s status, their Multiply application form together with proof of valid Vitality status need to be submitted to the following address:
• Proof of Vitality status can be in the form of a screenshot of the member’s current Vitality status.
• It remains the responsibility of the submitting party to ensure that all the information is submitted. Multiply will begin matching a member’s status once we have received all documentation.
Protection of personal information
• You agree that we may collect and process your personal
information within Multiply for the abovementioned purposes.
• By completing the Multiply application form and agreeing to the above terms and conditions, you agree that we may communicate with you telephonically or electronically about the Multiply benefits or discounts entitled to you, including any changes to your Multiply status following registration.
• We may share your personal information within the Momentum Group in respect of the benefits or discounts entitled to you, depending on the products or policies you hold with Momentum.
• You are welcome to inform us if you do not wish to receive any direct marketing from Multiply.

Multiply Status match (SPECIAL)
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