Multiply: Complete Your Fitness Assessment

Melanie Botha, our partner for completing your Multiply fitness assessments in Kimberley, has confirmed that as soon as the country has downgraded to Level 3 lockdown, she may once again assist you with your all-important Multiply Fitness Assessment.

Please be on the lookout for emails and calls from Melanie to schedule your fitness assessments. Here are her contact details, in case you’d like to save them:

If you are not based in Kimberley, please check the list available on this page to find a Multiply-registered biokineticist in your area here.

At the start of 2020, Multiply implemented a new, more comprehensive version of their fitness assessment and their risk premium discount model – here are the basics.

What this means for you, is that you will have to achieve a Level 5 fitness level to get the full 60% discount on your Myriad risk premiums. Here are the fitness level outcomes and the respective discount percentages, assuming you have a Green Healthy Heart Score:

NB: This is only applicable to Private Club members, all other status levels remain unchanged

Level 5: 60% | Level 4: 40% | Level 3: 30% | Level 2: 25% | Level 1: 25%
  1. What the new fitness assessment entails
    The new fitness assessment focuses on 3 major areas of your overall fitness:
    Body composition
    Cardiovascular fitness
    Muscle strength

Melanie has very graciously provided us with some exercises that you can do, in order to prepare for your fitness assessment so that you can aim for Level 5 with confidence.

Grip Exercises:

  • Squeeze a stress ball 50-100x per day
  • Make sure that you use your 4 fingers enough, and not only your thumb


  • Ladies may do push-ups on bent-knees
  • Make sure that you activate your core to help you protect your lower back
  • Ensure that your body is flat, don’t hollow your back
  • Move chest in-between hands
  • Try for as many as possible within a 1-minute time cap


  • Use any kind of step (e.g. patio, exercise step) and set yourself a time limit or amount of repetitions to complete
  • Challenge yourself! You want to focus on increasing your heart rate
  • Make it fun! Stick to a rhythm, put some music on, move in different directions. This will help you with your cardio test. Try for at least 2 to 3 min at a time


Multiply: Complete Your Fitness Assessment
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