We’ve partnered with SYGNIA & we know you’ll love them!

We’re so excited to announce that we’re the first in Kimberley to partner with SYGNIA, a low-cost investment company that fits perfectly within your personal & business needs.


  • Index-tracking funds (risk-profiled balanced and specialist products)
  • Multi-manager funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)


  • direct investment
  • tax-free savings account
  • investment policy
  • retirement annuity fund
  • pension and provident preservation funds
  • living annuity
  • forlife living annuity

Why all the hype about low costs?

Whether you’re investing with the bank or with an investment manager like Sygnia, there are costs/fees involved. The industry standard is an average of approximately 2.5% – this is deducted from your investment value. With Sygnia, however, your costs can be as low as 1% – a monumental saving!

Here’s an example:

Sam, a 45-year old business executive, recently sold a property and wants to invest R1 000 000 of the proceeds towards his retirement.
He also wants to contribute R2 000 per month, with an annual payment escalation of 10% until the age of 65.
Sam points out to his broker that he wants to retire with as much money as possible.

Sam’s broker provides him with two illustrative quotes, one from Company A and one from Sygnia. Company A’s average investment cost over 20 years is 2.5%, while Sygnia’s is 1%. Below is a table illustrating the vast difference that this 1.5% saving in fees has on Sam’s retirement value.

 Company ASygnia
Lump sum investment:R1 000 000R1 000 000
Monthly contribution:R2 000R2 000
Estimated retirement value:R7 814 294R9 819 835

“We at ANF pride ourselves in partnering with companies we truly believe in. Contact us to learn more about what SYGNIA product is right for you.”

We’ve partnered with SYGNIA & we know you’ll love them!
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